The NelZone Desks

solid oak ergonomic computer desk contoocook, nh

The NelZone desk was created when I got my first computer. I wanted something different and I wanted it to be ergonomically friendly after seeing my wife Charlotte suffer from repetitive computer tasks and two operations. I was originally thinking of a semi-circle, but that was just too big. So then I came up with this idea of two large circular horizontal surfaces that would be the same distance from you because their curvature would follow your natural extension when you are rotating in your chair. My idea was that as you sit at your desk and rotate in your chair, the work surfaces should remain equidistant from you. This is a great feature and makes the NelZone a lot of fun to work at. It puts everything within reach! Additionally, I wanted a large size drawer to put all my desk implements into. So I designed a large drawer that I could slide my keyboard under the drawer to get it out of the way for full desk use.

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The Nelzone can be put in any room as a free-standing desk. You can also put the NelZone in a corner as the back two sides form a 90-degree angle. See our Dimensions page.

The two circular horizontal work surfaces are the same size whether the Standing or Sitting NelZone. The height of either model is determined by your individual ergonomics. In ordering The NelZone you need to supply me with the height you want your keyboard to be on the larger lower work surface (Determine Your Desk Height).

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