The NelZone Desk


The NelZone is the amazing, new hand-crafted computer desk that is ergonomically friendly and lets you keep everything within reach. The desktop work surface is made of the finest quality oak laminate, and the frame and drawer face are made of solid oak, both in a natural green-friendly finish. The design is sleek and sturdy.  I custom build the components to your correct ergonomic height and include everything you’ll need to assemble your new NelZone workstation including a concise DVD instructional on assembly.



The Nelzone desk has two large circular horizontal work surfaces set at your correct ergonomic height with a drawer to store desk supplies. The bottom larger work surface measures 77½ inches across at the widest part and the upper work surface measures 71 inches across at the widest part. The NelZone is 41 inches front to back. See Dimensions.

The two horizontal work surfaces are the same size whether you order the standing or sitting model. The height of either is determined by your individual ergonomics. In ordering The NelZone you need to supply me with the height you want your desk to be, whether it is a sitting or standing NelZone. See Determine Your Desk Height.

The Nelzone comes in three different boxes. You assemble The NelZone yourself and it’s very easy to do. I have made a step by step instructional DVD detailing every step. Everything is pre-done for you. All the stainless steel carriage bolt holes are pre-drilled and all the GRK screw holes are pre-drilled. All you have to do is follow the DVD instructions. All of the stainless carriage bolts, washers and self-locking nuts as well as the GRK screws are supplied. To make assembly as easy as possible, all the parts are color coded with two different colors: green for left and red for right. Once assembled the masking tape color codes can be removed.

Additional information

Weight 68 lbs
Dimensions 77 × 40 × 3 in
NelZone Height

22 inches, 22.25 inches, 22.5 inches, 22.75 inches, 23 inches, 23.25 inches, 23.5 inches, 23.75 inches, 24 inches, 24.25 inches, 24.5 inches, 24.75 inches, 25 inches, 25.25 inches, 25.5 inches, 25.75 inches, 26 inches, 26.25 inches, 26.5 inches, 26.75 inches, 27 inches, 27.25 inches, 27.5 inches, 27.75 inches, 28 inches, 28.25 inches, 28.5 inches, 28.75 inches, 29 inches, 29.25 inches, 29.5 inches, 29.75 inches, 30 inches