ergonomic desk contoocook, nhOnce you receive your MyNelZone desk, you’ll need to assemble it. It’s easy, it’s fun and it’s color coded to help you through the process. All of the oak wooden parts and the hardware is supplied and comes in three custom made boxes. All of the holes are pre-drilled whether it is screw holes or carriage bolt holes. An instructional DVD is supplied with step-by-step instructions for assembly. Assembly time is typically 1- 1.5 hours.

I recommend that you first watch the entire instructional DVD so that you get an idea of what is involved with the entire assembly process and then start the instructional DVD over and assemble The Nelzone. Take your time and have fun. It’s easy!

Tools needed for Assembly:
• ½” Socket and Ratchet with Extension
• T-25 6” Star Bit
• Hand Drill for T-25
• Variable Speed Electric Drill
• Phillips #2 Screwdriver
• Hammer
• Level

Will it fit into your space? Check out the Dimensions Page. Any questions or comments? See the Contact Page or give me a call at (603) 746-2577.