About MyNelZone

ergonomic desk contoocook, nhMyNelZone is the name of my company under which I manufacture The Nelzone Standing and Sitting desks. My logo is supported by my initials, HNT or Harrison Nelson Thibault Jr. I am proud to be your manufacturer of the NelZone and hand produce each and every NelZone in my shop.

My story is that after many years of being caught in many distribution changes which resulted in immediate job loss, I have made the move to being my own boss and owning a company. I started MyNelZone.com so I could control my own destiny.

I decided to manufacture The NelZone, a unique desk that I originally created for myself when I obtained my first computer. I  hand produce custom, ergonomic NelZone oak desks in both the standing and sitting version in my shop in Contoocook, New Hampshire. The natural oak wood organic feel to the NelZone, the semi-circular design that keeps everything within easy reach, the formaldehyde-free work surface and green-friendly finish make the NelZone desk unique for the best home or office computer workstation. The decision to make the best oak computer desk possible allowed me to bring my considerable woodworking skills and business expertise to the manufacturing the NelZone desks myself.

It has been a long process to launch MyNelZone: from winterizing my shop to re-designing The NelZone to adhere to UPS shipping requirements to custom box design to sourcing the nuts, bolts, screws, solid oak, oak laminate and the finally, the water-based polyurethane finish coat. I also created numerous templates and jigs so that I can adhere to consistent quality construction. It’s been a real challenge doing it all myself, but the end product The Nelzone came out great!