ergonomic computer desk contoocook, nh


My NelZone desk looks lovely in any setting and fit well into corner spaces. Check out the NelZone dimensions to see if the NelZone will fit into your space!

Height: Determined by your sitting or standing keyboard height (Determine Desk Height)
Width of lower desk surface: 77½ inches
Width of upper desk surface: 71 inches
Front to back total distance top surface: 41 inches
Upper desk surface front to back in the middle: 17 inches
Width at left and right lower desk surface ends: 23¼ inches
Width at left and right upper desk surface ends: 7½ inches
Lower desk surface to the top of upper desk surface: 5 ¾ inches
From bottom of the drawer to lower desk surface: 2 inches
Interior dimensions of drawer: 23 inches wide; 12 inches deep; 1¼ inches high